Unlock seamless circuit designing with Calctronics – the go-to app for electrical engineers & hobbyists. Simplify complex calculations for Butterworth, RC, RL, BJT, amplifiers, inductors, resistors, capacitors & more. Design. Calculate. Create.

Calctronics makes circuit calculations easier. It contains:

  • Series/Parallel resistor and capacitor calculators
  • Voltage and Current divider, Pi,T bridge T attenuators
  • Passive RC,RL and Butteworth design tools with response plotter
  • Active Butterworth, Chebychev and Bessel Sallen-Key Filter
  • Bipolar junction transistor loadline plotter and BJT analysis
  • Series and Paralle RLC circuit
  • SMD resistor code calculator
  • Ceramic, polyester capacitor code
  • Operational amplifier, Non-inverting, inverting and difference amplifier
  • NE555 timer Astable and monostable calculator
  • and much more